Life brings us many joys, sorrows, and all the emotions in between.  None of us are excluded from feeling the discomfort of negative emotions and stress of every day life including myself.  This along with several years of experience in this field allows me to work from the heart to help each person work towards reaching peace and balance in one's life.   


Many of us desire to make changes in our lives while others may be experiencing unplanned change. Change takes time and can be hard especially if we are trying to change a part of our life that we have been doing the same way for several years.  Unplanned changes can make us feel like we are suddenly on an uncontrollable roller coaster and have no way of stopping it. 


Regardless of the roots of the change, an aspect of the process that many people struggle with is being at peace with exactly where they are at in life.  This involves developing a sense of compassion for ourselves.  Many of us are experts at having compassion for others but yet applying that gentle approach to ourselves has a foreign feeling.  As you develop compassion and understanding for yourself, you then allow yourself to develop deeper awareness of what you want in life and then start taking those steps towards that vision. 


I often talk about balance in my work.  We often think of balance in terms of "balancing work with kids, etc."  That is part of balance but also think of balance in other ways.  Do you put the needs of others before your own?  Or opposite, do your needs always come before others? Achieving balance in the complex lives we lead is hard work. I hope that each of you will take the time to ask yourselves if you are living the life that you want.  If you are ready to begin this rewarding process, I would love to help you work towards change while striving to be gentle with yourself and at peace with the process.   



Wishing you peace and balance,


Tina Harp 

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